About Us

About Us Katsam Adventures

Katsam Adventures was founded in 2016, and in our very first year we received 40 holiday adventurers to Uganda on an unforgettable journey.

Since then, hundreds of guests have chosen us as their travel agent, and today we offer safaris to twelve different destinations in Uganda, including the popular safari destinations such Rwanda and Kenya.

Learn about our travel concept below and read five good reasons why you should choose us as your Africa travel agency.

Our travel concept:

As a tour operator, we have a clear travel concept that helps support our vision:

All our guests must enjoy an experience of a lifetime, every single time!

We focus on exciting travel itineraries, expert knowledge, reasonable prices, personal service and, not least, unforgettable travel experiences. In addition, it must be simple and easy to select and book the perfect trip.

Our intention and goal is to provide an experience that surpasses your expectations. We take great pride in everything we do, which we believe helps support our overall vision.

Interest in our travel concept has been overwhelming, and with our guests as our most important ambassadors, we have seen exceptional growth. We have succeeded in creating a healthy business which can exist for many years to come.

Uganda Safaris

5 reasons to travel with us

1) Personal service from a dedicated team of specialists

Today, Katsam Adventures consists of a larger team of dedicated employees and specialists with extensive experience of the travel industry and of our destinations.

We are passionate about our tours and our vision of all our guests enjoying an experience of a lifetime on every single tour.

We aim to provide the best possible service, and it is important to us that you feel you are in safe hands. So you are welcome to contact us at any time – before, during and after your tour.

We also have guides at the destination who know the local area well and can answer any questions you may have about the country, its nature and wildlife or whatever else you are curious about.

 2) Wide range of destinations in East Africa

We strive to offer a wide and exciting range of travel destinations in Africa.

We currently offer safaris in twelve different destinations, which, depending on the destination, can be combined with a beach holiday, a city break or outdoor experiences at Lake Bunyonyi, Ssese Islands and Zanzibar Islands.

Our destinations are selected on the basis of where our guests can enjoy the most exciting experiences for the best price.

Find out more about the tours we offer by visiting the Uganda Safaris Page or clicking on one the links bellow.

3) Tried-and-tested package tours with price guarantee

Our package tours include local flights, ground transport, accommodation, park entrance fees, permits, guides and exciting experiences, put together on the basis of our own experiences and bearing in mind what our guests wish to experience at the different destinations.

We test run our tours ourselves to ensure that our guests enjoy high quality travel at the best price on the market.

You can see what you can expect to experience on the different tours by reading the daily itinerary before the tour.

4) Flexible departure dates and departure guarantee

We want to make it as easy and flexible for our guests as possible. So we have departures to all destinations – all year round. This way, there’s sure to be a date that suits you, too.

We also offer a departure guarantee. This means that once your tour is paid for, it will go ahead.

5) We are a member of AUTO

katsam-adventures.com is a member of AUTO.

This basically means that you are given service protection by AUTO, both before and during the tour. As an AUTO member, we operate according to AUTO’s Code of Conduct, ensuring high standards from us as a travel agency. Read a lot more about AUTO here.

Our commitment to Uganda

We make our living from organising tours to Uganda and the neighboring destinations, but East Africa is so much more to us than business alone.

So, as a natural part of our core values, we wish to give something back to the continent that has given us and our guests so much. Find out more about our work with our social responsibility in Uganda.